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Equine pre-purchase examination

Equine pre-purchase examination

We offer you a comprehensive equine pre-purchase examination. The result of the equine pre-purchase examination is the basis for the final assessment of the horse's health at the time of purchase and the prediction regarding the possibility of use (eg. sports or recreational). The pre-purchase study, also called TUV, consists of numerous elements, such as checking the horse's identity, clinical examination, radiography examination (X-ray), ultrasound examination (USG).

The horse's identity is checked on the basis of reading the unique transponder number (the so-called microchip), identification of burned signs and a visual description consistent with the information contained in the passport.

One of the basic elements of the pre-purchase examination (TUV) is a clinical study, which includes an ophthalmological examination. In addition, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the genitourinary system and the musculoskeletal system are also subjected to detailed examination. 

The musculoskeletal system is one of the most important elements of the whole pre-purchase study. Diagnosis consists in performing a horse study in motion on various types of ground and performing X-ray projections. During the test, bending tests are also carried out to determine the patient's health status as accurately as possible.

X-ray examination is performed on the Customers's site using the most modern direct digital radiography equipment. Our radiological examination includes about 30 projections with immediate reading and evaluation.

In special cases, in order to exclude wheezing, we offer additional endoscopic examination. Endoscopy will, with high probability, confirm or exclude the suspicion of respiratory disease.

At the Customer's request, we offer the possibility to perform a complete blood test. In the case of horses for sporting purposes, blood is collected and frozen, which allows subsequent doping tests.

The CABALLO company is equiped with a mobile ultrasound device (USG) thanks to which it is possible to perform an additional examination of the reproductive system in mares intended for breeding.

The result of our work is a detailed bilingual (Polish and English) pre-purchase protocol (TUV) along with a set of X-ray images.

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